A Welcomed Surprise Call



Today was a normal work day.  Our staff had split up the days so each could have special days with family.  Talk about a tough day.  The usual Project Manager kind of day.  It’s the kind of work were days slip by quickly as your attention stays focused on the customer.  Lunch comes and goes.  The workday presses on and soon your thinking about how best to wrap things up so you can begin to focus on planning tomorrow.  Just so happens that tomorrow this week, this day, is Thanksgiving Day proper. As work calms and the evening approaches the devil drops by for a visit.  “So you have breast cancer”, he says.  Go away ugly thoughts, I have work to finish and serious personal plans to make.  Oh, and there’s the preparation for Thanksgiving Dinner too!  Surprise of the day – Dr. Kapoor, my soon to be Cancer Surgeon, calls.

Dr. Kapoor too only has a partial report.  She too wanted me to know that the breast cancer was a fast mover.  She too wanted to touch bases with me before Thanksgiving Day, to reassure me that I was going to  OK.  Nice touch.  I don’t know this lady yet, but that call took a classy professional to make.  I’m quietly freaking out and her voice and reassurances made a big difference.  I relaxed.  Husband Will told me I seemed more at peace with things.  He was right.  Still don’t have the complete report.  Don’t know the exact type of Cancer or what my prognosis is.  Just know that the doctor wants to see me next week in Southern California on Tuesday.  By then she will have the full report and be prepared to talk through treatment options and surgery.

So we prepare.  We prepare for tomorrow’s dinner.  We prepare for the unexpected.  We start thinking about what to pack for our trip home.  It’s an odd thing to say when you write it – “our trip home”.  William and I have many places we call homes which is directly the result of having split responsibilities.  He in Tustin, Ca, as grandpa.  Me in Sacramento, Ca, as daughter.  The both of us in Aguanga, Ca as loving-life partners, with sprinkles of time in Running Springs, Ca, in either case wondering what happened to that calm life we had carved out for ourselves after the chaos of his medical problems which came to life in his early forty’s.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Added to this list is a new, understanding and compassionate doctor.  Already on the list is an amazing family who I know will be my cheerleaders as I take on what is certainly to be the biggest challenge of my life.



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