Happy Thanksgiving!



It’s a quiet day at the Lee family home.  It’s officially Thanksgiving Day.  Our big family dinner passed days ago and the son and his family is on their way back south.  The daughter and her family are preparing to have their big family day and you’re imagining them nervously wanting definitive answers.  Thursday dinner is small and early.  It’s just me, Mom, Hubby and Cousin Danene.  Oh, and the ever cute Sullie, a very smart and active Poodle – Dachshund puppy dog which Cousin Danene brought into our lives.  Therapy on four legs this little guy is,

There is plenty of time to reflect on all things possible, but you’re trying hard not to.  Spinning your wheels makes little emotional sense.  We won’t get to see the Cancer Doctor until next week and misinformation and over-the-top worry are not a smart cul-de-sac to be trapped in.  Thinking the best and planning for the worst takes a special kind of person, a quieted person.  Balance is key, although doing nothing isn’t practical.  Your mind races.  Sleep comes very hard.  Life long-experiences tug on your brain all day and night.

Oh my! … and the telephone calls and emails that call out for attention.  How do you say I don’t know exactly what I have to people who are just as scared as you and want detailed answers like yesterday.  You begin to realize just how much you are loved in these days.

Patience …patience … patience.




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