… from Friends

Carri Burbank Glen I love you guys!!!!!

Jen McNerney Prayers to her and you! I can feel your love for her in your words. She is in my prayers for sure!

Ellie Maureen Gooderham You both are in my heart and in my thoughts.

Jennifer Davis I love you Auntie Dawne! Big hugs to you both!

Alison Cook Sending strength and best wishes to you and your lady, Bill.

Denise Briggs-Sherman Sending hugs and prayers to both of you

Jess TetleyGirl Mylroie Beautiful words there! Can really feel the love! Sending lots of love and best wishes xx

Christine Moore Much love to Dawne and to you xoxoxo

Denise Ewing Pinnegar I love you both as my own parents. I have always felt like you both are my second parents. And that I am part of your immediate and extended family. Sending prayers to both of you! Love you Dawne Lee and William Lee. ((Hugs))

Jaime Luster-Juarez I am all tears. I haven’t seen Dawns fb but I can say I will probably be very sad .

Karen Cortese Duenas Much love and prayers to you both. Take your time and fill us in when Dawne is ready.

Bel Simmons I’m so glad we got to visit today. Love you both so much and we’re here to help as much as possible. Keep us posted, please.




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