“Dear Friends & Family”



My husband posted this heartfelt open letter on Facebook.  William wrote:

“I’m inspired tonight to share extremely personal feelings after several days making peace with raw emotions. It is an odd place this Facebook which is generationally our new post office, albeit a bit more public than days of old. It is here we communicate so much of our daily lives, loves and challenges. What’s up you ask? Well, apparently Life has a few more bumps and opportunities in store for our family this year and specifically my lovely wife, Dawne.

Quite possibly confusing, even troubling, reading into my words tonight – for this I apologize upfront. By mid-week I will better explain the why. Until then your quiet prayers and positive thoughts and energy are greatly appreciated as I walk with the love of my life, hand-in-hand through her initial medical conferences as she considers life altering decisions.

We will remember that our journey brings with it wonderful friends who understand the complexity and surprises of life and the power of love which given a proper ear and open heart keeps us afloat through the stormy times. Much appreciation here for family, friends, and those special people who let us know day in and day out just how much our friendship means to them.

There is no doubt that in the days, weeks, months and years ahead we will be circling the wagons and doing all that we can do to remind Dawne that she is pure joy, a beautiful soul who has brightened all of our lives, and more than deserving of every benefit and opportunity that life can arrange for her. I hasten to add that while we use the word love to convey our deepest passions and commitments, it is at this time we search for words that make love seem ordinary. We seek words that better describe our heart and soul. I more than suspect that in the end it will take well over a thousand words because it is that the love and the acts of love given so unconditionally and thoroughly by our dearest friend have bettered us forever.”




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