Close Support, an Essential Element



Keep yourself surrounded by love.  It is an essential element.

William, my husband, will move north to be with me full time.  He will bring with him the confidence and understanding that has been the foundation of a 40-year love affair (oh, and a huge heart pillow and teddy bear for me to snuggle).  At some point I’m sure I’ll write about our Northern California adventure and how it is that our permanent home is in Southern California, yet I find myself here in Northern California as I deal with this new reality of mine.  For now, family and friends who know the back story, know that William (you know him as Bill or Will or Willi depending on when you connected with him) is with me.

Some of you may have noticed I made a life choice to move to a Vegan “diet” this last summer having no clue that cancer was my new reality.  Cousin Danene has been my mentor and cheerleader through this.  You may call it intuitive, fate, karma – I call it a blessing.  The post-cancer lifestyle must be a carefully planned, organic, lean lifestyle.  I’m forever grateful that family has brought me Danene.  I would say my support team is awesome and nothing but the best will come of a very scary and difficult hiccup in my blessed life.



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