First Date … Dr. Kapoor



Dr. Nimmi Kapoor
I met Dr. Nimmi Kapoor today.  She is the general surgeon who will remove my tumors.   All I knew about the doctor before meeting her came from an online bio sheet.The doctor impressed me once again. Her call the day before Thanksgiving had made my day. Today, she had the job of teaching us Cancer 101 and then putting my diagnosis into perspective along with developing a treatment plan. She leads my team, a multidisciplinary team, and will make arrangements for me to see the other doctors this week. The final treatment plan will be developed jointly at the end of the week, Friday, after each doctor concludes their first appointment with me which will include examinations, more tests, more cancer education, and discussions about my personal choices pertaining to treatment.
My takeaway from our appointment with Dr. Kappor was my exact diagnosis – The cancer bug in me is HER2 Positive Breast Cancer. The little buggers have broken out of the milk ducts and are in the breast tissue.  The Lymph Glands are not showing cancer according to the biopsy, but could still be infected with the final answer known when several of these will be surgically removed concurrent with a lumpectomy and then tested by a Pathologist.  HER2 Breast Cancer is the highest grade of cancer (Grade 3) – it moves very fast.  I’m classified as a Stage 2 cancer patient and well on my way to Stage 3 because my Lymph Glands are very irritated, but as of today still fighting off the cancer.  The latter point is no small point.  It looks like I caught these buggers earlier than later.  This is a good thing!  Dr. Kapoor did a good job explaining urgency, but also hope.
I took the following from the doctor’s bio, “She is a surgeon with advanced training in breast cancer and diseases of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and went to medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College. There Dr. Nimmi Kapoor also graduated with honors in research and she received the honored distinction of membership to Alpha Omega Alpha. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor completed seven years of general surgery training and a research fellowship at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell and while there received advanced Breast Surgical Oncology training and Head and Neck training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor completed an SSO-approved Breast Fellowship at the John Wayne Cancer Institute.Dr. Nimmi Kapoor has a passion for research and practicing evidence-based medicine. Her research interests have included sentinel lymph node biopsy, nipple-sparing mastectomy and breast density. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor is lead author of at least 15 peer-reviewed manuscripts, has published several book chapters and has even written a patent for molecular profiling of thyroid cancers. Dr. Nimmi Kapoor has presented her work at numerous national oncology and endocrine conferences and has received several awards for her accomplishments from prestigious groups including ASCO, ASBS and Lynn Sage.” Her bio is @ .  Impressive!

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