More Diagnostics Today



Dr. Smith ordered a PET-Scan to be done today.

This PET-Scan is a fairly conclusive test to see if the HER2 Positive Cancer has broken out of the breast tissue and traveled to other parts of my body.  It keys in on cancerous tumors using a very interesting technique.  I asked about it and got straight forward, maybe overly simple, answers from the Technician.  I’m sure her explanation was very rudimentary, but listen up health conscious friends.

You prepare for the PET-Scan by eating no sugars for about a day – essentially a Dr. Atkins styled no-carb diet for those who know this lifestyle choice.  Why?  Because cancer eats sugar like a heroin addict consumes heroin.  So what’s the point?  I’m starving the cancer of its mainline food?  Go on …  When you get to the diagnostic center they feed you a big cup of dense sugar water.  In fact you get to do that twice.  You got it!  They’re feeding the cancer which has been starved for a day.  Next …  The Technician hooks me to an IV and shoots radioactive stuff into me.  Apparently, it is designed to cling to the sugars in your body.  Bam!  The PET-Scan lights up like a Christmas Tree wherever there are cancer cells.

Thinking Points:

(1) Cancer eats sugar!  That is the second time I have heard this in two days.  The last being Dr. Smith who has prescribed a lean meat, sugar-free diet while I’m under his care.  Take note: I heard no meat, but that is another story which I will take up in future posts.  Worth repeating, take your stable, steady-eddy, cancer support buddy with you to every appointment.  You miss a lot of key points taking in new information, filtered by preconceived notions and clouded by RAW EMOTIONS.

(2) Healthy people, please stop eating anything with sugar added to it.  And, don’t fool yourself the sugar in fruits are still sugar.  Cancer doesn’t care what form it comes in, it simply eats it and like any obese animal grows fat when consuming more.  The delicate balance is to eat fruits and vegetables that contain natural, but low amounts of sugar while taking in biologically needed cohabitive (if that’s a word) proteins (amino acids), vitamins and minerals.

(3) Today had another “oh crap” moment.  The Technician says after the procedure, “Stay away from kids and pregnant folks for 24 hours – you’re radioactive.  So radioactive stuff causes cancer and these people just lit me up.  How many more of these things am I going to be subjected to to assure me that I don’t have metastatic cancer?

(4) Radiological Technicians are Heroes.  The young lady commented that she would have to quit her job when ready to have children.  I have to imagine that they are likely radioactive, even if only slightly so.  Kind of scary thought considering what we know about being near radioactive materials.

Well … what is done is done and the results should be back by Friday when I see Dr. Smith and set our course moving forward.



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