Treatment: Day One … William’s Take

William writes:

“Unnecessarily a very hard day. I cried today, something I don’t usually do. Yup, uncontrollably publicly cried. I’m stunned that medical support people (and I mean front office people) find no fault in failing to disclose that medically ordered treatment plans have not been approved by the insurance carrier, then scheduling and pushing these treatment plans knowing damn well those plans will bankrupt most patients and certainly have them sitting on the examination table’s edge having to decide death or life.

My poor angel today. How I wish I were rich and could tell these people to go fuck themselves. Tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow we ask the insurance company for graciousness and pray profit isn’t in cahoots with the cancer demons and callous people who think there is honor in fleecing desperate people who trust the world to stand by their words.

Dawne is undeniably a trooper. She handled today with grace and dignity. She received the chemo drug today and tomorrow she receives only one antibody drug, while I carefully work through insurance company hurdles. There is a second newish antibody drug which we have gushed over which is in pending approval status with the Insurance Company Medical Director, a fact our medical provider hid from us, no actually lied to us about. When will people who screw up learn that early admissions are infinitely less painful for everyone affected. We could use some positive energy bucking what appears to be a insurance company hurdle. Please, please make this happen whoever you are, there is an angel who is worth every damn penny this drug costs.”



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