2:30 AM … Really?

I had a nap for about 2 hours when we got home.  Took an Antivan before bed, then back up around 2:30.  Followed it up with a Valium.   Oh no, here I am awake again.  Don’t feel too bad, just can’t sleep.

Day 2 treatment starts at 11, hoping I can get more sleep.

Thinking about friends of ours, families that are having their own crisis.  We need some prayer warriors for many.

I pray, “Dear God please watch over Arianna Helena, Dani Newsham, Karen Folsom Rymar, Maura McLarty‘s father.  I know I have a few more that I’ve forgotten, watch over them all.  Help them feel better.  Bring them peace and love.”

Thank you everyone for your support and love.




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