[Wonderland’s Door]


“Marriage gifts you with a lifetime mirror, a lovely one at that, which unequivocally, pristinely reflects you. Open your heart, soul, mind and arms, as this wisely and magically transforms what appears as glass into Wonderland’s Door.”
Dear Dawne … Prompted to reflect on our marriage within the context of marriage in general, I penned the above words during a stolen moment last night while on the way home from Southern California. These words are an evolution of thoughts, spoken words which found paper because our son’s loving ways nudged me yesterday. As with most of my writings which I return to from time to time, these words may need refinement. So often my napkin poetry sits on its table for a while and then disappears. I took a second look at last night’s thoughts this morning – I like these well enough to share them with you. My life is definitely a wonderland and reflective of your gracious and compelling approach to life. Love you dearly!
Your Hubby,



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