A Challenge Offered … Dawne’s Birthday


Dawne‘s birthday is December 31, New Years Eve.


This is William, her husband. challenging everyone to create, take and post a SPECIAL PICTURE of you wishing her happy birthday.  Ask to be her friend and post away.  She is on Facebook at Dawne (Wood) Lee .  Let’s give Dawne the biggest birthday of her life.


Be creative.  Do things like adding in something that tells her what year it is and/or how you met or where you would like to meet her in a year. Can’t find a photographer or friendly passer-by to shoot the picture, do a selfie.


Dawne’s one year of chemo treatments started on December 16th, so next year’s holidays and birthday will be the best ever.  Until then, let’s give her a big smile and push.


Gather a group of friends and family and send as many pictures as you wish.  I’ll save these off and make Dawne a huge picture book using the iPhone apps for scrap booking or picture books.


Many thanks!






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