Happy New Year … Welcome 2014

Happy New Year to everyone!

Thank you everyone for yesterday.  The notes, messages and pictures came in all day for two days in a row.  I approach the beginning of the year with hope and many friends.  We will beat this cancer together.

We are still working to turn the corner with my medical provider on the approval for the use of Perjeta without extraordinary requirements that we specifically and uniquely self-insure this treatment.  As such, we are compelled to be on the road from Northern California to Southern California today.  We have a conference call with our medical provider on Thursday and need to prepare ourselves to act in my best interest should they continue down the road they have mapped for themselves.  Who knows, maybe the new year will bring a new perspective on their part.

I’m doing well all things considered.  I’m a little less than a week away from receiving Cycle 2.  I can almost feel the Cycle 1 drugs dissipating.  William says the spark in my eyes comes back more and more each day.  My head itches quite a bit – feels like my hair is getting ready to fall out soon.  As it goes, the way I feel bodes well for working in weeks 2 and 3 after treatment throughout each of the many Cycles of Treatment.  And that’s certainly one of my New Year wishes.

On the road again!  Time to go.


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