Angels in Our Mist … Maureen & Chris Layton

I can’t thank Chris Layton enough for directing us to the Cancer Center at St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA.  I also thank Therese Ciecek for suggesting that we call Chris. Love to all of you!

William writes about our morning as follows:

“Togetherness is in the mind and heart and has little to do with proximity.” – Maureen Layton

This morning Dawne and I arranged for her to get a second opinion regarding her diagnosis and proper standards of care.  As we arranged to speak to a Program Director at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, St. Joseph Hospital, we turned to notice an angel sitting on Dawne’s shoulder.  Maureen Layton in memorial in her special place at the Center was watching over us.  There she is bright as ever along with her artwork speaking the words posted above.  God bless Maureen and thank you for clearing the path ahead for us.  Thank you Chris Layton for humbly lighting the way. Surely, our road is long but our company is the best that anyone could ever have.

ps: The Second Opinion appointment William speaks to here is on Wednesday, January, 8th.


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