… No Chemo Today

Quick update:

The Cycle 2 chemotherapy session got re-scheduled to tomorrow.  I’m a victim of the national weather.  The nurse can’t get home from vacation.  She is stuck waiting for open flights through congested airports.

Not sure how this will affect me because chemo appointments are supposed to be on Monday’s to give me the week to recover.  It’s a late appointment tomorrow as well.  Traveling home to Sacramento could be a challenge.  Leaving tomorrow night after a late chemo session means driving through Orange County, then Riverside County, then LA County before crossing over the Grapevine.  Southern California traffic after 3pm is routinely the pits.

Got some cool news.  My cousin Lona will join me tomorrow.  Having company during chemo sessions is a very nice thing.  Lona will give William a break and a fair shot at packing the car if he decides to drive home immediately after my session.  I miss my cousin bunches so chemo it is.  Looking forward to seeing her.

I’m betting William and I will both be too tired to travel tomorrow night.  Thursday is looking more like travel day this time.


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