New Look & New Wardrobes

5593_10152161155704306_344367613_n[1] 3490_10152161154669306_1133447951_n[1]… Well it was that time.  Waking up to hair in my mouth. Yuk!

We made the haircut a special occasion.  I asked daughter Michelle to do the cutting.  She also cut my hubby’s hair who had asked to join me, although I asked that he leave a little more hair on his head.

The scarf was a present to my daughter from a student of hers. So pretty! Her student had brought it from Ecuador, if I understand the background correctly. We are traveling to the Sacramento home today and the scarf will come in handy. It’s winter now and Sacramento like most of the nation is much colder than usual.

I have to admit it feels strange not having hair. Going from thick hair to nothing is quiet a change.

We move forward and enjoy the new look and chances to experiment with scarfs and new wardrobes.


One thought on “New Look & New Wardrobes

  1. I am really fascinated by your haircut! You wear it very well! I am waiting to see Bills new doo. If you’re on pin trest (spelling?) I know there are many ways to wear a scarf! Yet I think you are so beautiful ole naturalllll!
    Just curious if you have been invited to the 2 hour course called “Look good, feel better!” seminar. I was lucky enough to attend with my mom shortly after her diagnose. If you have the opportunity to go, do it for YOU! It was alot of fun and we did feel better once we were all made up!

    Keep that beautiful smile,
    Much Love,

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