Whiplash … Chemo Lag

Oh my!  Not that I spoke too soon ….?  Today was slower than yesterday.  William and I occupied the couch today.  He is doing more research.  I’m resting.  I had hoped to go to the memorial service for a dear friend of ours today.  Her mother passed away.  There are special people in your life and you want to do much to pay them the respect they are due.  Today my legs just wouldn’t carry me.  William keeps after me to lower my expectations a bit.  I’m supposed to remember to stay warm and not expose myself to the public and the illnesses that go around this time of year.  The flu has hit Sacramento, something like 6 people have died from it in the last couple of weeks.  That’s not good under any circumstances, but chemotherapy makes it particularly troubling.  I’m forever grateful that I work from home because Monday is my first day back to work since my first week of chemotherapy and I don’t have to commute far or expose myself to the public at large.  Silver linings!  Well … I have a couple of more days to recover and get into work mode.  I can do this!


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