Cycle 2 Rehab Done … Back to Work for 2 Weeks

Hello Monday night!

Two Cycles down and 5 more Cycles likely to go, I went back to work today. I made it! Good day today! My brain worked fine and it feels good to be working again. I was able to help with projects doing testing. Not much at work has changed in four weeks.  My energy level tonight is decent. No dance clubs tonight, but I felt good enough that I cooked dinner. Sitting now. Cousin Danene has clean up duty. William keeps pounding away at the research on helpful therapies, diets, and so on.

Good team effort today.

Love you all.


One thought on “Cycle 2 Rehab Done … Back to Work for 2 Weeks

  1. I was wondering what the days after drug therapy were like and hoping they were at least manageable. You are not the type of person to sit around doing nothing but if that is all you feel like doing I hope you just go with it, don’t force yourself. Being a gentle warrior is what is needed at times. Besides, just the energy to cook dinner is huge! L.

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