Tuesday Morning … Day 2

Good Morning Tuesday!

Today is my second day back to work. The test continues – will my brain and body cooperate today?

Yesterday was a good day back.  The good news is that my brain worked well enough to do what we call “testing” at our company.  It’s not the entire scope of the job, but it felt good to be doing something to help our team which picked up the full scope of my projects as I take intermittent medical leave.

So my analytical brain gets a passing grade.  The rest of my body though gave me fits throughout the day – general bone pain, what feels like muscle pain in my back, headaches, stomach cramps and visits to the bathroom were a constant.  I had just enough energy yesterday to deal with these.  Hoping these remain controllable today.

Once dinner was over with last night I hit the couch. The family cleaned up for me.  No, I’m not nuts. You have to do something within your normal routine, something you passionately enjoy through all of this. The kitchen, like work  is my domain.  There is only one greater pleasure and it is family and friends.

Sleep came very early and really hard last night. I couldn’t stay awake through evening conversation with William, so off to bed I went. Done!

Before bed we spoke about my optimism about being able to work. I’m concerned this morning that my very interrupted sleep last night will tug hard on that optimism. My energy this morning is noticeably less than yesterday. Warriors don’t give up, so I prepare for another day and look for a second wind. I really want to do this.  I need my brain and body to cooperate.

Wish me luck today.


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