Quick Update … William Writes

Hello friends,

Dawne is resting today. It’s Day 3 after receiving Cycle 3 treatments – chemotherapy plus two anti-Her2 therapies. Day 3 thru 5 seem to be the toughest on Dawne with each day thereafter getting gradually better. The emphasis is on gradual with recovery coming harder with each new Cycle. I think Dawne posted how happy she is to be receiving Perjeta, which means the maximum number of anti-Her2 Antibody drugs are now going after the Her2 Proteins which are over-expressed and form the foundation of the tumors she has. The doctor expects no complications from adding Perjeta. He looks for nothing but good news.

There has been one additional change – Dawne received Neulasta for the first time. This is a standard drug which increases her white blood cell count in order to stave off possible infections from the public; as well as, to reduce/eliminate mucus sores which Dawne developed as far back as her first treatment. The known side effects of Neulasta are bone pain which is here in spades. It is the Yin/Yang of the one chemo drug she is getting. Trading bone pain for no mucus sores is a bit of a Hobson’s Choice in my book. The next couple of days will tell.

These days are difficult, no doubt. Dawne is soldiering on and doing so as graceful as ever. No surprise. This is how we know her. There are a few breaks she looks forward to which I’m sure will help ease the bumps in the road ahead. We talk about the next 3 months being the toughest this year. I’m convinced that early reports of her tumors shrinking into oblivion will provide all the encouragement Dawne and I need to overcome what are clearly emotional life changing events. Look for updates on what the doctors call “pathological complete response” – otherwise known as “pCR” for the nurses and researchers reading this.

I thank you all for your support as Dawne works her way through this challenge.

With much appreciation and affection,


4 thoughts on “Quick Update … William Writes

  1. Soldier on, Warrior Dawne! You’re doing great so far, and we’re all very proud of you. Thanks for the update❤️

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