No foolin’

Alleluia! Tumors are undetectable via ultrasound. The Cancer Doctor had to re-read her notes and take a second look today – noted with emphasis. Good chance Dawne has attained “pathological complete response” to her combo chemo/antibody treatments. All four tumors appear to be gone. The final-final diagnosis waits for surrounding tissue removal along with 2 or 3 lymph nodes during “cancer surgery” which is targeted for end of April.  The surgery scheduler is to call in the next couple of days to set dates. No more chemotherapy, only antibody infusions through the end of this year and 5 to 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments which occur 4 – 5 weeks after surgery. Happy beyond explanation about today’s reports from the Cancer Doctor.  We will be even happier to hear Dawne say that her chemo-induced Peripheral Neuropathy is gone too, although based on our experiences with my own peripheral neuropathy and the cancer doctor’s independent diagnosis it will take a year or two before we know for sure. Wicked trade-off … but stop it … the tumors are freakin’ undetectable. Happy – happy – happy!!!!!!! Now to work the mojo and rebuild what chemo wrecked on its way to kicking cancers butt.


3 thoughts on “No foolin’

  1. We are elated about news ! Grateful to the Lord’s blessing on you ! You are in our prayers constantly. We Love you & miss seeing you. Love Forever, Kent & Nancy Ewing in Montana

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