Early Birthday Wishes

“Happy Birthday Dawne… God bless!” – Patti Casciola Stern

“Just to say have a very happy birthday tomorrow! I was going to wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but my wish will be put to better use! ♡ Stay strong Dawne … I’m sending much love and birthday greetings for an amazingly beautiful lady inside and out! ♡ Hopefully see you in the new year! – Jess TetleyGirl Mylroie

“Happy, happy birthday, Dawne. I hope you have an amazing day .” – Sara Mason

“Happy early Birthday Dawne! I’m using my birthday wish for you!!!” – Carolyn Tomaka

“Happy birthday!!! I hope it’s filled with lots dreams and wishes that come true!!! May your day also be filled with lots of love, joy, and happiness!!! Love you! Xo” – Melissa Grajeda”

“Happy birthday, Dawne Lee – Cheryl Long

“My darling, delightful Dawne, Happy birthday darling! I hope you spend it with loved ones and have a blast! Xo” – Maura McLarty

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!!! I hope you have a beautiful day! Love you! – Helen Rosetti-Partise

“Happy Birthday Dawne Lee!” – Debbie Langston

“Happy birthday!!! Hope u have an awesome day! Xoxo” – Dani Newsham

“All of the Tobiska’s are wishing you the happiest of birthdays ever!!! Enjoy!!!’ – Wendy Silverman Tobiska

“A birthday, eh??? Well, I suspect you will be righteously celebrated by your awesome friends and family… as it should be! Enjoy! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!! xo” – Karen Folsom Rymar

“Have a wonderful birthday, Dawne Lee!” – Christina Aguinaga

“Happy birthday tomorrow, Dawne! My daughter and l will be on planes all day tomorrow so l won’t be able to send wishes on the right day. Hope to see you soon!” – Nancy Grosz Sager

“Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Relax and enjoy you deserve it.” – Kim Smith

“Hey! I love you forever and ever!” – Summer Ray Russell

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWNE. Lots of love and prayers.” – Flora-Leigh Kingren

“For those that know Dawne – in case you missed this post earlier today from her husband: Dawne’s birthday is December 31, New Years Eve.” – Vicki Lalicker

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA DAWNE! Go into this year with a lot of love and big smiles on your face. HUGS! – Peggy Henkel

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