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Friends Write … Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday Ms. Lee!” – Claudia Marquez

“Happy Birthday!” – Kimberly Dodd

“Happy Birthday hugs!” – Clare Wingfield

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – JoAnne Bill Leonardo wrote on your timeline.

“Happy Birthday, Dawne!!!!!! Have a great one!” – Deb Desmond

“Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Spirit and a Wonderful Person!” – DebraLynne Saavedra

“Dawne Happy Birthday enjoy your day 🍰” – Judi Voeltz

“Dawne…. blessings for a year of splendor. xxoo” – Patti Casciola Stern

“Happy Birthday cousin Dawne!! Blessings to you for a beautiful day and prayers for bright tomorrows!” – Karen Cortese Duenas

“Happy Birthday, Dawne! May this year bring you healing, comfort & cure/remission from the “beast” you are so bravely fighting!” – Maureen Draver

“Happy birthday, Dawne. I hope the year brings you health and joy.” – Bettejane Moss Wagner

“Dawne-wishing you a year of healing, health and happiness!” – Catherine Marie Michaels

“Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday Dawne!!! ~hugs~” – Layla S. Altman

“Happy Birthday and many moorrreeee !!!!!!!!” – Denise Aguinaga

“Happy Birthday!” – Krista McCoy Cameron

“Happy Birthday, Dawne. I hope the year brings you health and joy.” – Bettejane Moss Wagner

“Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday Dawne!!! ~hugs~” – Layla S. Altman

“Dawne-wishing you a year of healing, health and happiness!” – Catherine Marie Michaels

“Happy birthday wonderful, may next year be your year, I can feel the stars aligning, love you lots have a lovely day x” – James Ventham

“Keep it simple, hope it is a great BD for you.” – Danene Huntting

“Happy Birthday Dawne, have a wonderful day!” – Sandra Holley LaManna

“HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWNE. Have a fabulous day.” – Denise Fight

“Happy Happy Birthday Dawne! Wishing you a wonderful awesome day! – Brenda Gurule Gurule

“Happy Birthday Momma!! I hope you have a fabulous day! Love you and miss you! Xoxo” – Mallory Dearwester

“Happy Birthday to the best mamma and grandma we could ask for! Wishing we were with you today to celebrate. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day with family and friends!! Love you!!” – Michelle Ciecek

“Happy Birthday” – Jackie Leonardo Medina

“Happy Birthday!” – Cheyenne Savanna

“Only on for a sec but wanted 2 wish u a happy birthday Auntie Dawne !!!!!” – Mike Terrill

“Dear Dawne, Have a fabulous BIRTHDAY and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.” – Wagih Sabry

“Dawne Lee happy birthday to you my dear, love you and praying for you” –  Kim Davis

“Happy Birthday to YOU! … from the OCHSA OShop – Carol Ward

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Dawne!!! Holding you close in our thoughts and prayers as we enter this new year.” – Maureen Carlisle Mekjian

“Happy Happy Birthday Dawne!! Wishing you a wonderful day! HUGS” – Tracy Johnson Culbertson

“Happy Birthday Dawne, I hope you have a wonderful day” – Carmen E. Lorenz

“Hope you have the happiest of birthdays! May sunshine, love and miracles fill your days!” – Carolyn Sullivan Breeden

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” – David Nestor

“Happy Birthday, Dawne!” – Mary Dyer Simpson

“May this be the BEST year of your life, my friend! Savor every moment!!” XO – Debi Smith

“Happy Happy Birthday, Dawne! Hope you have a marvelous day!” – Margaret R. Hudson

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – Jeff Paul

“Happy Birthday Dawn. May all your dreams come true on this day and in the future.” – Sue Leforestier Caldeira

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!!!! May all your birthday wishes come true!!!!! We are sending good thoughts and prayers your way for this special day and the New Year!!! XO” – Lida Lockwood Gerenraich

“Happy birthday Dawne Lee … hope u both have a fun day celebrating your birthday and bringing in the new year!” – Joslin Meraz

“Happy Birthday Dawn! and a happy 2014.” – Tony Wong

“Happy birthday sweet lady!!!! I wish you all the best!! Love you!!!!!” – Cristina Martinez-Glasgow

“Happy Birthday! Hope your day is as special as you are!” – Krista McCoy Cameron

“Happy Birthday Dawne lee!! Have a great day xoxo” – Faith Gargano

“Happy Happy Birthday!!!!” – Jennifer Mcclary

“Dawne • ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Cariños, Love, Maritza –
♪♫•¨•.¸¸♥•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ♪♫•¨•.¸¸♥ •♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! ♪♫•¨•.¸¸♥ •♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Dawne !!!!! ♪♫•¨•.¸¸♥ •♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! ♪♫•¨•.¸¸♥ •♫♪ Have an amazing Birthday! Xoxo Wishing all the best for you and your family in 2014!!!!”- Maritza Toyos-Castro Cook

“Happiest of birthdays, friend!” – Karen Burks Granzella

“Hope you are livin’ it up today!!” – Wendy Silverman Tobiska

“Happy Birthday, Beautiful! I hope you have a day just as amazing as you are! XOXO” –Suzanne Pearson Rose

“Happy birthday Dawne!” – Mitch Henderson

“I hope you have a great birthday.” – Jackie Jones Bozeman

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – Lee Hollingsworth

“Happy birthday love!!!❌⭕️” – Erin Vernazzaro-Davis

“Happy birthday Dawne. Have a wonderful day. God Bless You in 2014.” – Larry Spejcher

“Happy birthday Dawne! Dance like no one is watching. Laugh till you hurt and have the best year of your life” – Karen Moessinger- Dawson

“Happy Birthday dear Dawne! I hope your new year is full of love, light and laughter” – Mellenee Dickson Finger

“Happy Day to you” – Annette Renee Coulon

“Happy birthday aunty Dawne! I love and miss you!! (:” – Maddison Parks

“Happy Birtday Dawne, enjoy your day !! Andi and Hanna” – Andreas Gutermuth

“Happy Birthday lovely lady!” – Ailene Beyer

“My sweetest Dawne Lee. A very Happy Birthday to you my darling. May you live long and prosper with so many happy returns . We love you much my darling. Enjoy your special day because you’re special too 🎂” – Blanche Sabry

“Happy Birthday girl!” – Debi Perkins Rainboldt

“Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Dawne!” – Kate Kilbourne

“Happy Birthday and much love and Blessings today and in 2014! From the FL family.” – Fabian F. Torres

“Happy Birthday Dawne! Praying for all good news in 2014!” – Carl Seymour

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – Susan Hertle

“Happy Blessed Birthday Dear ONE! May this year be filled with health, happiness & heaps of JOY!” – Paula Cecilia Fava Corcoran

“Happy Birthday Dawne! – Kate Kelly

“Happy Birthday, Dawne, and Happy New Year to you and your family!” – Lin Kotichas

“Happy Birthday, Dawne!!” – Laurie Tribbey

“Happy Birthday you wonderful woman! Hope you have a great relaxing day. xoxo” – Lynda Stritof

“I hope you are enjoying the most incredible birthday! You deserve it Momma Dawne!” – Lynda Stritof

“Happy, happy, Dawne! This is YOUR year! Prayers and blessings for you my friend!! xo” – Nanci Done-Nemeth

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWNE!!!!!!!” – Bruce Halligan

“Happy Birthday may all your wishes come true.” – Trish Wyckoff

“Happy birthday Auntie Dawne!!!” – Nick Bua

“Happy birthday!! I hope it is great!!” – McKenna Medley

“Happy Birthday sweet Dawne! I hope you have an amazing day! Love you! Xoxo” – Rebecca Pyle

“Happy Birthday!!! Love you!!” – Jennifer Romero

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!! You are truly a beautiful person inside & out. May God bless you this year and always.” – Teisha Graham

“Happy birthday Dawne!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Lots of love xoxoxo” – Brittney Cole Porch

“Happy birthday Dawne!!!!! Hope it is wonderful! Lots of love to you always and here’s to a really great 2014!!! You deserve it!!! Love u!” – Cassandra Dancey

“Happy birthday to my amazing mother… Dawne Lee” – Robert Prescott Lee

“Happy birthday” – Tim Barker

“happy birthday” – Janice Champe Wagner

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – Lori Mclaughlin

“Happy Birthday, Dawne!! Have a great day!! – Becky Wright Glick

“Happy birthday to a beautiful mother, grandmother, wife and friend. I just know this next year is going to bring lots of good things for you. Lots of love and good thoughts…XO” – Summer Ray Russell

“Happy Birthday!oxox” – Kimberly Munger Rogers

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day” – Dana Cordova Kuhn

“Happy birthday auntie Dawne! Hope you have a wonderful day!!” – Ciara Lyle

“Happy Birthday Dawne!” – Darlene Glasgow

“Happy Birthday Dawne, may it be great!” – Jay Wagner

“Happy Birthday my beautiful Sister. Love ya” – Terri Baumgaertel

“Happy Birthday” – Aušra Rowell

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is amazing and filled with love!! – Mystery Person

“Happy Happy Birthday!!!! We love you and hope your day is great!” – Ben Shelly Martin

“Happy birthday my friend! Wishing you the best birthday ever, and a even better new year!” – Donna Severson

“Happy birthday sweet lady!! I am praying and believing for the new year to bring you through and be blessed in your health!!” – Terri Helmke Velez

“Happy Birthday Dawne! – Derek W. Barraza

“Happy Birthday! Lots of Love” – Sandy Trunzo

“BHappy Birthday Dawne. Miss you lots lady! – Brandee Mueller Jones

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xoxox – Lindsey Glick

“Happy Birthday to my sister, I hope you have a great Year also.” – Ulrick A. Lee

“Happy Birthday, Auntie Dawne! Love you and I hope you’re hanging in strong and getting every last bit of enjoyment out of today.” – Bel Simmons

“Happy birthday! Hope it’s a great one!” – Nicole Ashlock Hunter

“Happy Birthday! Love youuu” – Amanda Lee

“Happy Birthday Dawnee Dawne love you!! – Jacki Pyle

“Happy birthday beautiful lady…we will celebrate when I get home! Love you!” – Cheryl Fuller Peterson

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy New Year too. I hope the year brings good health to you. You’re always in our thoughts and prayers. xo” – Kathi Moreen Wagner

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!!” – Nicole Miller

“Happy Birthday!” – Kristi Pihl

“Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!” – William Davis

“My good thoughts and good wishes are with you Old Friend. Now and forever. Happy Birthday Dawne and all the best in 2014. You are surrounded by love and friendship … now all you have to do is keep thinking positive and you’ll beat this thing. xo” – Kevin Elliott

“Happy Birthday Dawne !!” – Amy Nadeau

“Happy birthday” – Robert Rogers

“Happy Birthday Dawne! Hope you are having a great day!” – Kathy Guy-Carpenter

“Happy birthday auntie dawne. I hope you had a wonderful day! Xoxoxo” – Kc Rae Clark

Happy Birthday!!! 🍷 – Lisa Finell

“I was going to wait until close to midnight to be your last birthday greeting before 2013 ends, but I don’t think I’ll make it until them I hope you are having a wonderful birthday that you so deserve! Happy Birthday to someone I am so happy to know and love.” – Karen Schierenberg Jaime

“Happy Birthday Dawne!! Wishing only positive things for your 2014 and many, many more years of getting old.” – Liz Todd

“Happy birthday Auntie Dawne! We love you…” Hey, out of curiosity, do you ever wonder how many people share your birthday because their parents also wanted a tax break? – James Chin

“Happy birthday, beautiful Mommie Dawne. You are in my heart and thoughts all the time. I LOVE YOU!!” – Laura Gregory

“Happy Birthday Dawne … Wushing you a very blessed year” – Rachelle Gurule Darr-Moreno

“Happy birthday Dawne! May you have an amazing year filled with lots and lots of happiness ( : love you!” – Arianna Helena

“I thought I posted this earlier, but I can’t find it on your wall. So your getting double birthday wishes from me. Happy Birthday Dawne!!!!” – Nicole Miller

“Happy Birthday Auntie Dawne !!!!!!” – Jennifer Terrill

“Happy Birthday Miss Dawne! I hope you spent the day being pampered, pampered, and pampered some more!!!! Love ya!” – Diana Trumble Hammock

“Happy Birthday Dawne! Wishing a fantabulouse Birthday and all your wishes and mine for you come true!” – Tracey Clark

“Happy birthday! And a happy new year. Love you. Xoxo” – Denise Ewing Pinnegar

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!! I hope you had a nice birthday and New Years Eve” – Nancy-and Tim Marsh

“Dawne Lee I want to wish you a very very special birthday wish! I’m praying to a super moon for your health and for a healing 2014! Love you lady!” – Jaime Luster-Juarez


Friends Write … Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday Dawne… God bless!” – Patti Casciola Stern

“Just to say have a very happy birthday tomorrow! I was going to wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but my wish will be put to better use! ♡ Stay strong Dawne … I’m sending much love and birthday greetings for an amazingly beautiful lady inside and out! ♡ Hopefully see you in the new year! – Jess TetleyGirl Mylroie

“Happy, happy birthday, Dawne. I hope you have an amazing day .” – Sara Mason

“Happy early Birthday Dawne! I’m using my birthday wish for you!!!” – Carolyn Tomaka

“Happy birthday!!! I hope it’s filled with lots dreams and wishes that come true!!! May your day also be filled with lots of love, joy, and happiness!!! Love you! Xo” – Melissa Grajeda

“Happy birthday, Dawne LeeCheryl Long

“My darling, delightful Dawne, Happy birthday darling! I hope you spend it with loved ones and have a blast! Xo” – Maura McLarty

“Happy Birthday Dawne!!!!  I hope you have a beautiful day!  Love you! – Helen Rosetti-Partise

“Happy Birthday Dawne Lee!” – Debbie Langston

“Happy birthday!!! Hope u have an awesome day! Xoxo” – Dani Newsham

“All of the Tobiska’s are wishing you the happiest of birthdays ever!!! Enjoy!!!’ – Wendy Silverman Tobiska

“A birthday, eh??? Well, I suspect you will be righteously celebrated by your awesome friends and family… as it should be! Enjoy! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!! xo” – Karen Folsom Rymar

“Have a wonderful birthday, Dawne Lee!” – Christina Aguinaga

“Happy birthday tomorrow, Dawne! My daughter and l will be on planes all day tomorrow so l won’t be able to send wishes on the right day. Hope to see you soon!” – Nancy Grosz Sager

“Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Relax and enjoy you deserve it.” – Kim Smith

“Hey! I love you forever and ever!” – Summer Ray Russell

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWNE. Lots of love and prayers.” – Flora-Leigh Kingren

“For those that know Dawne – in case you missed this post earlier today from her husband: Dawne’s birthday is December 31, New Years Eve.” – Vicki Lalicker

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA DAWNE! Go into this year with a lot of love and big smiles on your face. HUGS! – Peggy Henkel

A Challenge Offered … Yvette Cerci


Yvette Cerci sends out a challenger to her family and friends.  She writes:
“Okay friends & family here is a challenge for you! I am asking this of anyone out there celebrating for New Years, or who just wants to participate. My dear friend Dawne, who is fighting breast cancer as we speak, is having a birthday on 12/31. I would like to give her a heartfelt gift of kind & special wishes shared by one & all! I know many of you are out there praying for her, as a favor to me, so could I ask, if you feel inclined to take a  picture of your celebration or send a message of your own creation to me for her (Dawne Lee), & I will get them to her! Thanks so much in advance! Enjoy your holiday & be safe out there! Can’t wait to see what comes in…”


A Challenge Offered … Dawne’s Birthday


Dawne‘s birthday is December 31, New Years Eve.


This is William, her husband. challenging everyone to create, take and post a SPECIAL PICTURE of you wishing her happy birthday.  Ask to be her friend and post away.  She is on Facebook at Dawne (Wood) Lee .  Let’s give Dawne the biggest birthday of her life.


Be creative.  Do things like adding in something that tells her what year it is and/or how you met or where you would like to meet her in a year. Can’t find a photographer or friendly passer-by to shoot the picture, do a selfie.


Dawne’s one year of chemo treatments started on December 16th, so next year’s holidays and birthday will be the best ever.  Until then, let’s give her a big smile and push.


Gather a group of friends and family and send as many pictures as you wish.  I’ll save these off and make Dawne a huge picture book using the iPhone apps for scrap booking or picture books.


Many thanks!





[Wonderland’s Door]


“Marriage gifts you with a lifetime mirror, a lovely one at that, which unequivocally, pristinely reflects you. Open your heart, soul, mind and arms, as this wisely and magically transforms what appears as glass into Wonderland’s Door.”
Dear Dawne … Prompted to reflect on our marriage within the context of marriage in general, I penned the above words during a stolen moment last night while on the way home from Southern California. These words are an evolution of thoughts, spoken words which found paper because our son’s loving ways nudged me yesterday. As with most of my writings which I return to from time to time, these words may need refinement. So often my napkin poetry sits on its table for a while and then disappears. I took a second look at last night’s thoughts this morning – I like these well enough to share them with you. My life is definitely a wonderland and reflective of your gracious and compelling approach to life. Love you dearly!
Your Hubby,


Perjeta … The Tennis Match Continues

William writes:

If you are following the Perjeta Tennis Match, here is the latest news.

Dawne’s AETNA Case Manager called  Monday, December 23, to let us know that she spoke with the medical provider’s Site Manager. There is an apparent change of heart at my doctor’s office, but with a twist. The original request for a $500 “deposit” against a $60,000 to $72,000 personal bill based on their false assumption that AETNA would not pay for Perjeta has been retooled. Now the medical provider wants $500 as an “advance payment” against what they think is a $2,000 “2104 Deductible”.

Me thinks the medical provider’s Site Manager tells AETNA, and thus us, one thing and her corporate policy makers another playing a dangerous gambit that no one will figure her out. It is beyond strange that a similar request has not been made by her as pertains to Dawne’s “2013 Deductible”. I don’t dare bring that point up and invite yet another last minute request for money.

Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day gave us a respite from what is beginning to feel like a job – working through the medical provider’s disjointed policies and procedures.

Today, Thursday, we sent off a FAX to Dawne’s Chemo Doctor – once again we are asking him to educate the medical provider’s finance people on standard insurance practices. Dawne’s “2014 Deductible” is $0.00 because she prepays AETNA $2,000 taking advantage of our government’s pretax medical provisions.  She has an AETNA PPO FSA HRA PLAN. Ok, it may seem like rocket science – but seriously, the medical provider is in a business dominated by payment from insurance companies. They ought to know this stuff backwards and forwards.   Dawne’s deductible is already met – by design.

Dawne has a doctors appointment on Friday am. Hoping our FAX to him explaining the above motivates him to get internal matters straightened out so he can order the Perjeta. I think I’ve mentioned before, he is an employee in this larger corporation. He must be as exasperated as I am. Dawne really needs this magical drug, without it I fear her chemo treatment is not adequate. This is an awful place to be since Dawne would have chosen surgery over chemo had it not been for the availability of Perjeta.